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Clip On Patriotic July 4th Enameled USA Star Tophat

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Perfect for July 4th! Colorful enameled charms in 3 fun shapes.
Wrapped with one piece of wire. This makes it secure and the charm won't come apart.
Single sided Charms measure approx:
  •Star: 1 3/4" tall (45mm) and 5/8" (16mm) wide overall.
  •Tophat: 1 3/4" tall (45mm) and 9/16" (14mm) wide overall.
  •USA: 1 1/2" tall (38mm) and 3/4" (19mm) wide overall.

Simply add them to a bracelet, necklace, backpack, cell phone plug, key ring, purse, zipper pull, planner, journal etc....
All components are lead free and silver tone metal.

Package size is 3 charms.